Coach Jim Mora: For Colleges, Not Playing Football Can Be 'Devastating'

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College football is going forward this year without the Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences, but the Big 12, ACC, and SEC are plowing ahead. Still, the pandemic is unpredictable and there's a chance the latter three Conferences won't be able to play. 

In an interview, Jim Cramer poses the million dollar question to former UCLA and Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora: What would not playing football mean for colleges?

"It affects every program on your campus," Mora said.

"College football brings in so much money, it creates so much attention for a school, it supports so many other programs that the ramifications of not having football in the fall, and not having the revenue stream that you need to support the rest of your department, let alone the free advertising that it gives your school can be devastating," he added.

Watch the full video interview with Jim Cramer, Jim Mora and Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby.

The cost of not playing football is steep, say experts. The Nebraska Cornhuskers football program has been adamant about playing the game even amid the pandemic. Why? Football represents 69% of its total revenue ($94 million of $136 million).

A spring survey from the LEAD1 Association showed that 54 of 95 respondents said their departments do not have reserve funds, meaning if they don't play, they'll be in the red quickly.

In the interview with Cramer, Mora pointed out that college students are easier to monitor than professional athletes. Hopefully, this oversight will help stem the spread of the virus in college locker rooms.

"In college you have much more control over your players. They have classes they have to attend. You can create a lot of structure for them in the day between meetings, between lifting sessions, between practice, between all their academic appointments ... and you don't have that in the NFL," Mora said.

Editors Note: The interview with Bowlsby and Mora was part of a larger Business of the Coronavirus series in which TheStreet spoke to doctors, business leaders and influencers driving decisions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Is what is happening in college sports a preview of what's to come as employees return to work? Keep up with the latest on TheStreet.

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