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Webinar - Expert Advice on Energy Trading from CME Group

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Watch options trader Jon Najarian; Bob Iaccino, co-founder and chief market strategies at Path Trading Partners; and Anthony Grisanti, president of GRZ Energy; discuss how to profit from energy market trading strategies.

We have put together this awesome panel of experts to tell you exactly what you need to know about trading in the energy market. CME Group and TheStreet have partnered to give the average retail trader an advantage.

Najarian and his guests are looking at supply-and-demand dynamics that can drive moves in the oil markets. They’re also probing seasonal plays in gasoline futures.

You also can learn what the massive increase in U.S. oil production thanks to fracking in recent years means for the global energy market and for trading opportunities.

The team also will be reviewing the implications of a rebounding global economy for the energy markets now that the specter of ever-increasing trade tariffs has begun to recede.

You also can learn more about cycles in energy trading and whether crude and gasoline are likely to follow their typical pattern of selling off early in the year, only to begin rising again after Valentine’s Day.

Learn all that and more in the CME Group’s Energy Trading Webinar brought to you by CME Group and TheStreet. 

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