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Citizens Bank CFO on How to Approach the Financial Sector

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Need some help with that crystal ball?

John Woods, CFO of Citizens Bank CFG, talked to TheStreet about the financial sector. 

When asked about advice for investors curious about the financial sector, Woods responded:

I think you should be interested in stories that actually have more room to run. For example, we feel like we have a lot of potential ourselves, so much self-help left in terms of what we're trying to accomplish. As you know, we IPO'd five years ago, it seems like a very long time ago and it was and we've accomplished an amazing amount. However, there's so much left to do. So investors should be looking for those companies that have, you know, more that they can get out of it from their own without relying on the macro. So whether it's expenses or optimizing your balance sheet, both of which we're doing at Citizens or investing in the platform in innovative ways, which is really important to us.

Watch the full video for more.  

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