Chris Robinson Analysis: Commodity Market Weekly Review

The grains had a good rally and there has been a delay in the harvest. In cattle, last Thursday, there was key reversal day.
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In today's Traders Exclusive, Chris Robinson gives his take on the grains, meats, and cotton markets. Since the lows a couple of weeks ago, we've seen a decent rally in soybeans, corn, and wheat. The major trend has been downward for the grains, which makes these recent moves likely to be counter-trend rallies, and thus selling opportunities. Key levels to watch include 9.50 for beans, 3.50 for corn, and 5 for wheat. For cattle, a new high could be a possible long entry. Cotton has bounced along with the grains. The 65 cent level is key, but it's not a very liquid market and one needs to be very careful with position sizing when trading cotton.