Chobani's Founder Doesn't Shut the Door on an IPO

A publicly traded Chobani could be a thing.
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You may some day be able to buy shares of Chobani. 

Hamdi Ulukaya immigrated from Turkey 23 years ago on a student visa with little money. Today, he sits atop the Greek yogurt maker Chobani he founded in 2005. Since its founding, Chobani has disrupted the boring yogurt industry, opened up more manufacturing capacity and expanded into new product categories. Annual sales are now north of a $1 billion.

The company's performance and stability has Ulukaya open to an IPO. 

"I really have this open mind," Ulukaya told TheStreet on the topic of an IPO. "And this year, we have a golden moment -- we have plans, we have plants, we have the most amazing management team -- everything is aligned, the business is growing."

He added, "We want to take advantage of that. We aren't taking our eyes off of that. But next year, the year after that -- the next few years -- myself, management and the board will decide what to do. I have nothing against it."

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