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Dow futures are implying an open over a hundred points lower. This is following a Goldman Sachs note on Sunday saying that the U.S.-China trade war could hang into the 2020 election cycle. This contradicts statements from the president saying that this kind of going to be a quick thing, so we may be here for a while with that. Speaking of China, air travel out of Hong Kong was halted on Sunday after protesters staged the demonstration, this was in response to an extradition law that the mainland has imposed upon the financial hub. People don't like it and they've been protesting. And finally, on Monday, we're looking at Viacom and CBS, the will they or won't they drama that's been going unfolding between the two seems to be coming to a head with Chairman Shari Redstone looking like she will be the head of both companies. So that's what we're looking at on Monday. Stick with TheStreet.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average will face headwinds Monday following a note published by Goldman Sachs over the weekend saying that the U.S.-China trade war could last until after the U.S. presidential election in 2020.

The firm also said that its fear that the trade war will lead to a recession is growing. 

Speaking of China, protesters in Hong Kong forced Hong Kong International airport to cancel flights due to disruption caused by demonstrators.

Residents of the financial hub are protesting a new law that would allow for the extradition of residents to mainland China. The protests have been ongoing for about two months, and have grown increasingly violent despite a police crackdown. 

Finally, Viacom (VIAB) and CBS Corp (CBS) are expected to come to a merger agreement as soon as Monday, leading CBS shares higher as Viacom shares decline. The two media companies were once part of the same entity.

Shari Redstone, a veteran of both companies, is expected to be the chairperson for the combined group, with Viacom CEO Bob Bakish expected to become the CEO for both companies.  

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