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CES 2022: 7 Product Reveals to Watch

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While the Consumer Electronics Show was facing the omicron surge and a return to in-person attendance simultaneously, a multitude of innovative companies are there in force with the latest in tech.

With so many impressive new products, it's difficult to pick favorites, but here are some that we believe deserve some extra attention.

LG has released the largest OLED flatscreen TV on the market with their 97-inch G2.

Engineered Arts debuted 'Ameca', a humanoid robot with eerily lifelike facial expressions.

The new BMW  (BMW)  iX Flow employs E Ink technology with electrically charged encapsulated black and white pigments embedded in the entire exterior body of the vehicle. The user can change the exterior color of the car with the press of a button. A full-color E Ink "'paintwork' is in the works.

Smart glasses might be the next fashion and tech statement with several brands now on the market. TCL's NXTWear Air glasses can function as a personal widescreen display while allowing the user to see through it.

Samsung's  (SSNLF)  new Freestyle portable projector can tilt to display up to a 100-inch image on virtually any surface and has a 360-degree built-in speaker.

Computer laptops are getting enhanced displays with Asus'  (AKCPF)  Zenbook Fold which has a 17-inch bendable screen that can fold like a book. Lenovo' Thinkbook Plus Gen 3 has an added 8-inch display to the right of the keyboard for multi-tasking.

Robotics and autonomous technology are undergoing a massive transformation and with personal visual interfaces to technology expanding possibilities for future applications, the metaverse is gradually coming into reach. 


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