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CES 2021: Top Concept Products From Flying Cars to Rollable Phones

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CES 2021 hosted some mind-boggling tech demos from a broad range of user-friendly and AI enhanced applications. 

Consumer Electronics Show 2021: Concept Highlights

1. GM's eVTOL

GM unveiled this futuristic flying car drone concept. eVTOL = electric Vertical Take Off and Landing is the carmakers first step toward aero-mobility.

2.Cadillac Halo Portfolio

The design concept provides a social space in a self-driving transport vehicle.

3. Project Brooklyn 

Razer’s concept gaming chair redefines immersion!  Features include a 60” rollout display, panoramic visuals, and tactile feedback.

4. Rollable Phone

TCL unveiled a 6.7” rollable phone concept. Sparse on details, the video shows the phone rolling out to a 7.8” tablet

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