Toyota Unveils Autonomous Car Prototype

ICYMI: CES 2019. Toyota's new prototype inspired by the company's Lexus LS flagship sedan is unveiled.
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ICYMI: Disruptive trends like Driverless Mobility got a lot of buzz at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Everything from autonomous vehicles to drones to flying cars were unveiled at the event. 

Among the highlights? Toyota unveiled its TRI-P4 automated driving test vehicle.  The P4 is based on the fifth-generation Lexus LS flagship sedan.

Toyota's Executive Vice President, Bob Carter, told TheStreet that the Toyota Motor Mobility Foundation is transforming the company from an automobile company to a Transportation Mobility Company. Carter says "Full mobility is still many years down the road, perhaps at the end of the next decade. A lot of work needs to be done not only by Toyota but the entire industry. "

So, why are they introducing this new technology now? Watch the video interview above to learn more.

Cars, Robots, The Voice Assistant Wars and More


Eric Jhonsa

 attended the Consumer Electronics Show. He says there's an on going joke that CES should be called the Las Vegas Auto Show.   He might have a point. 

"Self-driving vehicles -- or rather, the progress that companies are making towards one day offering them -- will naturally get a lot of attention. As will solutions that are much closer to being ready for prime-time, such as more advanced driver-assistance solutions and next-gen infotainment systems. Efforts to integrate new radio technologies such as 5G and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) within cars will also get talked up." 

Show highlights include; IoT Hardware, The Voice Assistant Wars, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Chip Announcements and more.  The latest from Jhonsa here:

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