AMD (AMD - Get Report) delivers its first ever key note at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Advanced Micro Devices CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, delivered a rock star entrance that set the scene for an exciting presentation.

She told the crowd this event was a "significant moment" not only for the company, but also for her. She said, "I'm excited to have the opportunity to explore the future of computing and graphics technologies".  

This year marks AMD's 50th anniversary.  The Silicon Valley start-up got off the ground with just a handful of employees. The business focused on leading edge semi conductor products for a broad ranging market.

Fast forward to 2019 - AMD is a global company with more than 10,000 employees. Su says "Everyday we are pushing the envelope in high performance computing..."

Time to get your geek on. Below are highlights from their AMD's history:

  • 2000. Launched world's first GHz CPU
  • 2003. Launched first 64 bit x86 processors
  • 2008. Launched first Teraflop CPU
  • 2011. Launched first APUs
  • 2013. Powered the highest performing video game consules

So, what can we expect in 2019? Among other things, Su says AMD made some big bets on where technology is going. Watch the video above to hear more about AMD's ThreadRipper, a high-end desktop processor ideal for movie makers.

TheStreet's Eric Jhonsa is at CES. In his article, AMD Unveils New High-End GPU and Details Upcoming CPUs at CES, Jhonsa says AMD's new offering takes aim at Nvidia. Nvidia (NVDA - Get Report) , you'll recall, announced it's new GPU for mid-range gaming market earlier this week at CES.

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