CES 2018: Nvidia Unveils Max-Q, a Powerful, Cordless Gaming Console (Video)

Nvidia CEO unveils the next generation of Nvidia Max Q and the future of gaming.
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Nvidia (NVDA) - Get Report CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang's keynote at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018 tackled everything from AI and automotive technology to mobility to gaming.

Huang was a little out of breath during his keynote as he described the power of Max Q, Nvidia's new high-end gaming notebook.

He held the 2017 console in one hand and the new Max-Q design in the other.

"This is then, this is now", he said as 'Marshall' walked onto the stage and handed him the 2017 gaming console. Huang shrugged off his breathlessness by saying "I think I was breathless in anticipation of holding this..."

"This is 60 millimeters and 10 pounds...60 millimeters and 10 pounds.  Ten pounds at my age feels like fifty..."

'Marshall hands him the 2018 gaming console, and now he is balancing the old and new console, one in each hand.

'This is 60 millimeters and 10 pounds and this is 20 millimeters and five pounds... so before, after...before, after."   

Huang sounds breathless again as he hands off the 2017 computer "Oh God...You know CEO's jobs aren't supposed to be this rigorous. (laughter) This is what a latest generation notebook looks like, and uh, and so what do i do?"

Marshall comes to the rescue again!

"OK, can you guys see this? This...4x the performance of a Mac Book Pro.  Twice the performance of the highest performance game console. No wires guys. Look at this thing." 

"Max-Q technology. New architecture design, process engineering, design engineering, system software, thermal management, power supply design, we tuned and tweaked and optimized every little drop of power of of this thing.."

"...As a result inside you have one of the most powerful GPU's in the world in this little tiny thin laptop and you have something more powerful than the most powerful game console, right there in your hands your hands. Isn't thatamazing?" (applause)

As he wraps up, he does thanks 'Marshall' again, and encourages the crowd to applaud. 

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