CEOs and Their Signature Style

CEOs make so many decisions each day. Deciding what to wear is just not one of them.
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When Nvidia (NVDA) - Get ReportCEO Jensen Huang came on stage at CES in his signature black leather jacket, it got us thinking about other CEOs that wear the same thing all the time.

Let's face it, CEOs have so many daily decisions to make that sometimes picking out something to wear in the morning can be appear to be downright arduous.

So it's no surprise that so many successful people have surrendered that decision and just chose the same thing everyday.

Take Albert Einstein. He wore the same grey suit all the time.  Johnny Cash was know as "The Man in Black" because that's all he wore. Even the world's great fashion designers have created signature styles and just stick with them:

  • Michael Kors, founder of the company in his name  ( (KORS) ), wears a black t-shirt, blazer and jeans. 
  • Karl Lagerfield, the head designer and creative director at Chanel also wears a black suit, black sunglasses and gloves every time we see him

President Obama even told 

Vanity Fair,

that he either wears a blue or grey suit to "pare down decisions."

So watch our video of the CEOs that often wear the same thing and let us know (@tracybyrnes) if there are others we missed and if you do too.

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