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The Carnival's In Town: Ride With TheStreet on The Gravitron

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The carnival is coming to town! What rides will you go on this year? What should you ride first? The Ferris Wheel?

No..not thrilling enough? How about the Tilt-A-Whirl? Ohhh, we're getting closer..

Do you really love that feeling of spinning super fast? 

Can't you see it? It's the giant spaceship spinning and spinning.  It doesn't matter if you're a kid or just an amusement park enthusiast.  When you are standing there, right in front of it, you are pretty certain that It spins at a supersonic speed.

Oh, and the colors.  Aren't they mesmerizing? There are colorful neon lights shooting out in every direction. It's got to be the coolest ride here! You are practically climbing the walls with excitement, and soon you'll be climbing the walls for real!

So buy your tickets, and get in line, as TheStreet takes your inner child for a spin on this longtime carnival favorite, The Gravitron!

What Is The Graviton?

The very first Gravitron opened in 1983 at Morey's Piers, on the beach boardwalk of Wildwood, NJ.

The Gravitron also goes by many other names, even though they are all manufactured by the same company, Wisdom Rides. You may see the same ride named Starship, Starship 2000, 3000, or 4000, Alien Invasion, Alien Abduction, Flight To Mars, Area 51, and many more!

A precursor to the Gravitron was the Rotor which appeared at theme parks such as Six Flags Great Adventure  (SIX) - Get Six Flags Entertainment Corporation Report  Unlike the fully closed UFO like Gravitron, these rides were open on top, to allow for public viewing.

TheStreet took a ride on the Gravitron at Campy's Amusements recent stop in Montville, NJ.

It's ok to scream. C'mon, leave all of your fear on Graviton ride. Then, let TheStreet take the scare out of investing! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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