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Heart Shouldn't Be Straw That Cancels College Sports: Mayo Clinic Cardiologist

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Contrary to some of the opinions that guided the decision to postpone Big 10 and Pac-12 college sports, Dr. Michael Ackerman M.D., Ph.D., a genetic cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, and one of the medical professionals consulted in the Big 12 decision to play told Jim Cramer the heart should not be treated as the center of the universe. 

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The Big 10 and Pac-12 canceled their respective seasons, partially led by fears that contracting COVID-19 can result in myocarditis and other cardiovascular diseases. While Ackerman didn't say the coronavirus can't lead to myocarditis nor did he share an opinion on playing sports, he said the heart shouldn't be "the tipping point" in the to play or not to play debate. 

"The heart doesn't deserve to be the center of the universe in this equation...there are a lot of reasons why a conference said 'we should stop for now and regroup, one of which included the heart, but even without that we would have pressed forward with stopping,'" Ackerman said. 

However, other experts continue to fear how contracting the coronavirus could impact young athletes. “The last month or two, even asymptomatic young people are developing myocardial injury,” Dr. Matthew Martinez told Sports Illustrated in a recent article. 

Watch Ackerman's full take on the heart here. 

Editors Note: Ackerman's interview was part of a larger Business of the Coronavirus series where TheStreet is speaking to doctors, business leaders and influencers driving decisions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Is what is happening in college sports a preview of what's to come as employees return to work? Keep up with the latest on TheStreet. 

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