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Jim Cramer: Talk about [00:37:30] the gradations. How much is going to be edible? How much do you think is gonna be drink? How much is gonna be tea? How much is gonna be water? How much is gonna be coffee? What are you internally, at your board, talk about in the different levels?

Bill Newlands: Sure. The key elements as far as our studies have been, is that vape is gonna be an important part.

Jim Cramer: Vape. Okay.

Bill Newlands: Vape will be important. Beverage is gonna be important. And then edible. And edible could take on numerous forms. It could take the form of a gel cap as you said earlier, it could take the form of a gummy situation. We, you know, our preference that has a bad connotation, we're probably less interested in that. But, there's going to be a number of ways that people consume. I think the exact layout of that is really tough to say because we're in a different stage. What it isn't going to be is what probably all of us think it is, which is rolling a joint and lighting up. That's what it won't be. And, you know, as Bruce said a minute ago, I think if you're able to provide a consumer with a beverage that has no calories, that gives you a mood alteration. That is gonna be interesting to a lot of people.

Jim Cramer: One of the things that you, that anyone's been, anyone been to Boulder or Oregon where it's really much more, Oregon's the most free. Okay. What it is is that Oregon has actual storefronts. My daughter lives in Ashlen, there's a bunch of stores on her block. But when you go to Boulder, even as progressive as Boulder is, you're still going to these little dispensaries. Rob told me that we are eventually gonna have a, not a cash economy, but a actual credit economy which means if we go to a seven eleven, if we go to a wa-wa, if you're filling up, you go to one of these to a convenience store, or a gas station, you're gonna see it.

Bill Newlands: Likely, I think you will. In the same way that you see a bottle of wine or that you see a bottle of beer. Or various other highs. I think you will over time.


Jim Cramer: Can we get Constellation Brands equivalent of Gatorade that has something that would actually help us reduce swelling?

Bill Newlands: I think the answer is a definite yes.

Jim Cramer: Definite yes.

Bill Newlands: Yes. For all the reasons that Bruce has said earlier, and this is where much of the medical testing, you know. He's got a whole medical arm that does nothing but testing.

Bill Linton: I think that whole category of care is going to be massively disrupted. And you just start working [00:19:30] down the whole thing, you start looking at things like, you know, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, all of the derivatives of that that start to be things like, you know, fibro myalgia. There's a massive cohort of things we could disrupt there. We're not gonna cure the problem, but we're gonna make the symptoms much less. And then you start working your way down and you say well, does that work on animals too? You bet. Canines.So if you've got an old dog, and you're old. Well, you know, one guys got two legs and the other's got four but after that, there's a lot more commonalities than differences.

And so if you start thinking about how disruptive could it be to that segment. Huge. [00:20:00] And then if you come around to alcohol, and you say, well, it could be disruptive if we make a beverage with no calories that has a really rap it on set, meaning you drink it and you get a feedback kind of like wine. If it's clear. And, it taste good. So that could go there.

Cannabis becomes legal in Canada on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018. That makes Canada the second country to legalize the use of recreational marijuana.

It's a landmark event in a multitude of ways, including new opportunities for investors. That's why TheStreet's Jim Cramer made it the big topic at his Boot Camp:How to Invest Like a Pro held Oct. 16 in New York.  It was standing room only for his fireside chat.

You can watch it exclusively here: Canopy Growth CEO: Here's What the Future of Cannabis Looks Like for Investors.

It was chalked full of good advice, watch excerpts here:

Even in today's live show from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Jim Cramer gave advice 'You Gotta Wait' to Invest in Cannabis.

In the clip above, hear the many uses of cannabis from vaping to medicinal products. Hear more from Constellation Chief Operating Officer Bill Newlands and Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton as they sat down for an exclusive interview with TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts Portfolio manager Jim Cramer.