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Jim Cramer" That's exactly what it did. So, it worked? Okay, Bruce, October 17th is upon us. One of the things that you said to me is, "Jim, don't be too excited because there's October 18th and 19th,"says "What will happen in your mind, both when the stock market and in Canada when it becomes legal?"

Bruce Linton: So, I wan in London two weeks ago and if you go to every meeting in London everyone talks about Brexit. If you come to Canada, everyone talks about Marijuana. It's true. Our national paper today, I showed these guys, the business section had two pages that did not have stories about marijuana. It is a thing. So I think what's gonna happen on the 17th, it's gonna be a big first step and it'll be a wobbly first step because they have to take it and then over the next nine months we're going to make more products, more stores, and it's just gonna go along. And so, I think maybe the stocks will go up, down, sideways, hard to know.

But if you look at what it means is it means that there's a normal planet which is reasonably boring called Canada which is actually going to quit ignoring cannabis. And it's going to federally govern it for two purposes. One is for medical research, intellectual property creation and globalization of that asset based from Canada. And then it's gonna take the recreational platform, layer it over it, and turn this into a tax income stream that goes to the state governments, two thirds of it, and one third to the federal government, which means you're gonna be competing with the government if you're a bad guy.

And the governments don't let bad guys win very often when money's involved. And so, the notion that it's not gonna lead to a rapid transition where it becomes very difficult to become an illicit producer, I think is gonna be a big surprise for a lot of people. [00:11:30] And so, when you start doing that right, what's gonna happen is trusted brands are gonna develop, and it's not gonna be because the buds are a certain trust equation, it's because they come in and the first thing they buy they're gonna be getting a proper education, a proper transaction, and when they come back the product formats are gonna evolve.

So when you go October 18th, next year, the stores are probably going to have something that looks a little bit like that beverage in the container down there. And, it's gonna be very interesting because it will have gone [00:12:00] through a medical process. Because when we talk about mood modification, what you're really saying is that Friday night, when you're done with work and you wanna take a bit off your shoulders. You want to reduce the anxiety of the week. Well, that sounds like a clinical trial for a product that is anxiety reducing, so you take your medical learning and you apply it to your recreational product. And you take your recreational products, and you keep moving up.

And so this is the kind of thing where I think what's gonna happen in Canada is where it's gonna be a bit like the space program where, you know, my running shoes right now contain stuff that was involved [00:12:30] in NASA but now just makes me have a better tennis shoe. The medical program is gonna feed the recreational program, the rec program is gonna keep cycling up and it's gonna be global IP. Global brands.

Canada is about to become the second country to legalize recreational marijuana, which could mean big gains for cannabis companies now listed on U.S. exchanges.

So, what's an investor to do?

TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts Portfolio manager, Jim Cramer, tackled that very question during his Bootcamp for Investors held in New York.

Cramer sat down Saturday for an exclusive chat with Bill Newlands, COO of Constellation Brands, and Bruce Linton, CEO of Canopy Growth. 

Canopy's CEO told Jim Cramer, "Don't be too excited because there's October 17th and October 18th".  Cramer asked "What will happen in your mind, both when the stock market and in Canada when cannabis becomes legal?"

Linton responded by telling Cramer about a recent trip to London. He said in every meeting, everyone is talking about Brexit, "If you come to Canada, everyone's talking about marijuana."

"The 17th is going to be a big first step and it will be a wobbly first step". He added, "The stocks will go up, down, sideways...hard to know."

Watch the video above for more. More from the event can be found here: Inside Jim Cramer's Bootcamp for Investors.