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Is Cannabis Legislation Closer Than You Think?

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Common sense isn't something that is often associated with Washington D.C., but Cannabis One CEO Jeff Mascio believes that common sense will rule the day and his product won't be labeled a schedule one narcotic for much longer. 

Mascio believes that within 12 months, marijuana prohibition will be a thing of the past. 

In our Ask the Expert series, Mascio said,"In order for cannabis to be legalized federally, I really think it is simply a function of the court system in the U.S. to look at whether it really makes sense to have cannabis as a schedule one substance."

"It will simply take a logical examination of what has happened in cannabis in order to abolish what we see today in the prohibition of cannabis," he added. 

Cannabis One estimates that the de-scheduling of the drug will happen within the next 12 months, due to the fact that most people believe that this is a state's right issue. 

Check out the video above to hear Mascio's full commentary. 

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