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we're looking to be a consolidator of cannabis technology, to continue to provide that unprecedented level of data across the supply chain, and offer that unprecedented level of transparency and accountability, because you think about why do you have that, you have it so you can answer questions. So you can answer questions for businesses, for governments, for patients, or for consumers and solve complex problems by having access to all of those data points across the supply chain.

- One of the things that impressed me was your gross margin numbers. You have been around for a few years, so your gross margins have been growing every year, and it looks like you're projecting that growth to continue. Can you talk about your gross margins? 'Cause I'm pretty impressed with this gross margins number.

- Oh, sure. Well, thank you! As a software, as a service company, and as, although this is our first day to trade publicly, in many ways, as a nine and a half year old company, we are a more mature SAS company, and you do begin to appreciate certain efficiencies in terms of gross margins, efficiencies of scale and growth, and we're looking to achieve more of that as we do some of this consolidation. Continue to enjoy some of those economies of scale, and we've built a process and project management framework, internally within the company, that's built to consume acquisitions, as well as a product, MJ Platform is our flagship ERP product that's fully API enabled, and able to interact very easily with other technologies. So, when you have all of that economy of scale, it's easier to achieve good gross margin numbers.

- And I show that you have projected that you'll have 60% in 2019, and then growing to 70% in 2020. That was in your filing, so that's pretty nice growth.

- Absolutely, and part of that is related too, to our use of subcontractors and not in some of our government contracts. So there is a piece that we know, in some of our upcoming contracts and work that we have, that we'll be enjoying savings in that arena.

- You made a good point about talking about the government contracts. So you have a few different ways that you interact with your customers. Your customers could be dispensaries, they could be producers, they could be government entities. Can you walk us through those different silos?

- Sure. So we, underneath MJ Freeway, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Akerna, MJ freeway has two primary softwares and service products. We have a B to B product, that's for the cannabis operators. The cultivators, the manufacturers, the retailers, the distributors, that is a supply chain ERP, fully API enabled. And then we also have a B to G product, Leaf Data Systems, that provides a regulatory oversight and compliance layer for government agencies to oversee compliance in their jurisdictions. And we have a couple current state clients, for that, Washington and Pennsylvania, and another that will be announced here soon in a couple weeks.

- Is that going to be part of your growth strategy, is adding more states?

- We are certainly poised and intend to continue to bid state contracts. We also will be looking at international contracts for data systems as well.

Akerna's  (KERN) stock is giving investors a new way to tap into the cannabis craze.

It's the first U.S. based cannabis company and it's the first pot-tech company to trade on Nasdaq.

That is very different than Canadian-based, supply chain companies Tilray (TLRY - Get Report) and Canopy Growth (CGC - Get Report)  . 

Instead, Akerna is a technology company looking to provide an unprecedented level of data across the cannabis supply chain.

"This is a wonderful milestone, but it's [only] the beginning," she said in a half-hour exclusive interview with TheStreet's cannabis columnist Debra Borchardt.

Akerna may be the first publicly-traded pot-tech company - but, it's far from the only one.  The Pacific NW is becoming a hub for innovative cannabis companies. There's Leafly, a marijuana discovery platform and Headset, an analytics service provide -  to new a few. 

What else is in store for this booming pot-tech company? Watch the video to hear what else the company has in store around consolidation, scaling with government contracts and so much more.