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Can Snoop Dogg Be the Life of the Web3 Party?

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Can the Web3 party survive the crypto winter? Snoop Dogg says yes.

Snoop told CNBC that he thinks the crypto winter has weeded out those who shouldn’t have gotten involved in the metaverse in the first place. Snoop reaffirmed his belief that Web3 will redefine the music industry and said that record labels have been approaching him for advice on the space.

Snoop has also put his money where his mouth is, buying Death Row records with the intention of turning it into an NFT music label, filing trademarks for NFT products and making an NFT music video.

Are you moving in next to Snoop in the metaverse?

Ross Mac of Maconomics broke down the latest comments from the rapper and businessman in the latest episode of the Crypto Minute on TheStreet.


The infamous Snoop Dogg thinks that Crypto Winter has weeded out (no pun intended)...weeded out people who were taking advantage of opportunities or weren't supposed to be in the space in the first place.

In an interview with CNBC, he reaffirmed his belief that the music industry will explore and possibly get involved with Web3 and NFTs. He said that labels have already been approaching him for advice. If you remember, he purchased Death Row, his old music label, with the intention of making it a NFT music label.…

Snoop has been pretty active in both the NFT and metaverse spaces, releasing a metaverse music video and filing for trademark applications for various products. A fan even paid $450,000 to be his virtual neighbor in the metaverse. Do you agree with Snoop?

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