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With Cameo, You Can Now Shell Out Cash to Zoom With Your Favorite Celebrity

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Have you ever heard the expression "money talks"? Well, it's seems to be true. If you are willing to spend good amount of money, you can have a ten-minute conversation over Zoom  (ZM)  through the video-sharing website Cameo.

Cameo, which is known for getting celebrities to send short personalized video messages to fans for a payment, has recently rolled out 10-minute Zoom calls.

Here's how it works:

Users head to Cameo and select 'All in Zoom Calls' on the platform. Cameo has a list of celebrities and their price-tags. Pick your favorite celebrity and 'Book a Zoom.' You will see a calendar with his/her availability and if it fits your schedule, book the time by entering your credit card information.

One zoom meeting can have up to four friends, family, or colleagues on the call.

Examples of celebrities include former football star Brett Favre, who is charging $5,000. Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk took to Twitter on June 16 to inform his fans about his availability.

"Currently doing Cameos during my 'downtime' with a 24-hour turnaround," he tweeted. It will cost you $1,000 to Zoom with Hawk.

Cameo says that these Zoom meetings "are not for auditioning, pitching songs, ideas, or selling anything to the artist in any way." The company hasn't mentioned what happens if a fan violates that policy during the live meeting. 

Cameo, has been in business since 2017, currently boasts over 30,000 personalities. 

The company reportedly takes a 25% cut of money earned from video messages and Zoom meetings.

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