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4:11  (AI)  went public on Wednesday, Dec. 9. 

The company had priced at 442 a share on Tuesday night, but opened for public trading at $100 a share.

Before Tuesday, the company had been estimated to price between $36 to $38.

“Our market-entry strategy has been to establish high-value customer engagements with large global early adopters, or lighthouse customers, in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. across a range of industries,” the company said in its IPO prospectus.

And, when it comes to risks, “a limited number of customers have accounted for a substantial portion of our revenue,” said. “If existing customers do not renew their contracts with us, … our revenue could decline.” 

CEO Tom Siebel joined TheStreet to discuss the company's trading debut, its use of Nvidia GPU's and its biggest competitive strengths in comparison to rivals.

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