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Britain Might Have to Wait a While for a Trade Deal With the EU

A senior member of the European Commission said Britain will be at the back of the queue.

Britain might have to wait a while for a trade deal with the EU.

A senior member of the European Commission told CNBC that Britain will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal. Jyrki Katainen highlighted how the EU is currently holding trade talks with 21 nations and Britain will just be another name on their list.

In order to ensure that there is a trade deal between Britain and the EU before Brexit comes into effect, Katainen highlighted the need to begin discussinh Britain's future relationship with the EU before the 2019 deadline.

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"We are so interlinked, our interests are so interlinked that it's better to find a good solution, that's why we should have enough time for negotiations on the future arrangement," said Jyrki Katainen, Vice President for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness

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