Brexit Breakdown: What Happens Now?

Theresa May, British Prime Minister, survived a no confidence vote. What should we expect now?
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Have no fear, TheStreet is here.

TheStreet's London Bureau Chief, Martin Baccardax, breaks down what American investors need to know about Brexit.

Parliament voted against Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal. 432 members voted against the deal. 

Baccardax admitted that Brexit isn't just confusing for American investors, it's also confusing for UK citizens. 

So he listed out the top takeaways and the potential market impact. 

Before the market opened Tuesday, Jan. 15, U.S. equity futures were trading down. Baccardax linked that to the Brexit drama, which is creating volatility in the global markets. 

Listen as Baccardax lists out the various scenarios that could take place and how they can impact the global markets.