This Is How an NFL Star Invests His Money And The Rules He Lives By

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Brandon Copeland, linebacker for the New York Jets, teaches a personal finance class at his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, but these tips are not just for college students and pro athletes, he said.

The key to financial freedom starts with two principles: understand your own personal objectives, and tracking all your expenses, Copeland told Kitco News. After money is saved up, then you can start investing.

Copeland has played with the NFL for six years. His teaching career at U Penn started when he realized that it’s not only athletes who have to learn how to purchase a home and file taxes, but for the general public needs financial literacy education as well.

“That’s for everybody. It doesn’t just touch athletes, all of us have to deal with that stuff, so I took that idea and ran with it in the sense of…creating a syllabus and pitch it,” he said.

Copeland is working on an online platform that would make his lectures live, making them even more accessible to the public.

“We actually opened the lecture to the public four times last year for different lectures,” he said. “The goal, for me, is ultimately to get this in everyone’s hands, it shouldn’t just be at the college level, it shouldn’t just be for athletes. My mother, who’s a single mother, she should be able to have this information, and she should have been able to take this info and help with her own retirement savings.”

On investments, Copeland favors real estate and is getting ready to add more to his portfolio.

“I think the market is going to take a dive pretty soon and so I’m actually repositioning myself for that, getting ready to be able to buy up properties,” he said.

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