Why Investors Should Block Out the Noise on China

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There is a constant barrage of news related to the U.S.- China trade war.

Last Friday China said that they are retaliating with tariffs, then Donald Trump came out and said via tweet that he was ordering U.S. companies out of China. Over the weekend Trump then said that he had second thoughts and now this morning we got another headline saying that China is willing to hold off on the retaliatory tariffs for the time being.

So what should investors make of all this news? Jeff Marks, Senior Portfolio Analyst at ActionAlertsPLUS, breaks down how investors should handle all of it:

"I think you have to block out some of the noise. You can't get too emotional when these things happens. I mean, just for example, the market's pretty much back to where it was from when Trump started firing off those set of tweets. So if you were, you know, when all that happened, if that was your get out moment there, you've missed out on some pretty decent gains in the days since then. So I would say again, you want to block out that noise, you want to use that volatility to your advantage."

Watch the video above to see what else Marks had to say.

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