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Fauci: Must Address Social Determinants of Health in Minority Communities During, After COVID-19

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Studies have shown that Black communities are being disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Black Americans account for 13.4% of the American population.

The COVID-19 Tracking Project, which is housed at The Atlantic, says that at least 23,769 of the total 113,000 deaths in the U.S. from the coronavirus are Black people.

Dr. Fauci, in an interview with TheStreet, was asked about what is being done to ensure widespread testing and treatment for the coronavirus in minority communities across the United States.

"And that's the reason why what we are trying to do, hopefully successfully, is to concentrate the resources in those areas where the demographic profile of an area indicates a high percentage of people who are vulnerable, including, as you mentioned correctly, minority communities, particularly the African-American community. So that those individuals can actually have the resources so that when there are infections in a community that's disproportionately represented by the minority population, they can get ready access in an efficient way to the identification, isolation and contact-tracing. So that you have the tests, and the medical, and public health infrastructure there, in that location, so that you don't have any delay in making the diagnosis and picking up people who might be infected," Fauci said.

"Also the access to healthcare. We obviously need to make sure that they have that access to healthcare. So there are a couple of things that are unfortunate that we can correct immediately. One is what I just mentioned, what we need make sure that we understand that the social determinants of health, which leads to many of those comorbidities, that minority, including, and particularly, African-American population have, that we address those. And those are things like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and things like that," he continued.

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