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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: What Are the Differences?

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Bitcoin and ethereum are two of the most popular and biggest cryptocurrencies by market size. 

Bitcoin, which came into existence in 2008, was created by someone using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin created ethereum in 2015.

Despite being both digital currencies, there are few fundamental differences between them.

Bitcoin was created to be a decentralized digital currency, which means nobody controls it--neither the government nor central bank.

However, ethereum was built as a platform that uses blockchain networks for smart contracts and applications, and ether is the currency.

There is a limited supply of bitcoin, which is only 21 million, and about 90% of bitcoin has been mined. 

In the case of ether, there’s no maximum cap, which doesn’t mean an unlimited supply. 

Watch the video above to know more. 

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