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How Birchbox Took on Macy's, J.C. Penney and the $500 Billion Beauty Counter

Yes, you can buy beauty products online and no longer feel intimidated at the cosmetic counter.

Katia Beauchamp never imagined she would revolutionize the way we bought beauty products back when she was getting her MBA at Harvard.

What she did know was that less than 2% of beauty products were sold online ten years ago and that if she didn't figure out how to change that someone else would.

And that's exactly how an Alpha Rising thinks.

So in 2010, Beauchamp and her classmate, Hayley Barna, both 27 years old, co-founded Birchbox from their campus apartment. They created a $10/month subscription-based company that targeted women who were looking for new beauty products but didn't want to spend a ton money and commit to big bottles of stuff they may not use.

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Basically, they wanted to "try before they buy."

And try they did.  Listen to our interview with Beauchamp to get fully inspired.

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 Editors' Pick: This article was originally published on July 24, 2017.