This Is What Sets Billionaires Apart From Everyone Else

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(Kitco News) - There are a few common denominators amongst billionaires, or as James Altucher, managing director of Formula Capital, refers to as “peak performers of their fields.”“There’s one concept I call ‘ready, fire, aim.’ So, when they have an idea, they’ll act as if they’ve already achieved the idea and then they’ll figure out how to achieve it,” Altucher told Kitco News.

Altucher noted Richard Branson as an example of someone who follows this philosophy. Branson was a 27-year old magazine publisher when he “just decided” to run one of the largest airlines in the world at a time when British Airways did not have a competitor.One thing that stands out amongst billionaires is an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Altucher said.

“They’re so insanely curious. They sit down and first, they want to know everything about me, every detail of every business I’m involved in. I don’t even that many details,” he said.Another thing billionaires often employ is the concept of “idea sex,” Altucher said, where they take two disconnected ideas and combine them to create something unique.“Tyra Banks is an example. She knew about modeling and being a supermodel, but then she used to love the show America’s Got Talent. 

What’s the combination? America’s Next Top Model, which is one of the most successful shows ever on television,” he said.

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