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What the Biden-Harris Ticket Means for the Economy

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So, what does a Biden-Harris ticket mean for the economy? What can we do about bringing jobs back as millions of Americans rely on unemployment during this ongoing pandemic?

With over five million Americans impacted by COVID-19 and 166,000 dead, these are just a few questions that are being asked by Americans. 

Jim Tankersley, an economic and policy reporter for The New York Times and the author of The Riches of This Land: The Untold, True Story of America's Middle Class joined TheStreet to talk about his thoughts on Democratic ticket and what history has taught him about the middle class.

In an article from Aug. 6, Tankersley wrote an article that focused on the economic boom that happened post-World War II. 

“If you want to know where the new good jobs will come from — those that will help millions of Americans climb back into the middle class — this is where you should look, to the great untapped talent of America’s women, of its Black men, of the highly skilled immigrants that study after study show to be catalysts of innovation and job creation," he wrote.

So how can we apply this to America currently not only to protect the current middle class but also to allow others in?

Watch the full interview above.

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