Hey Wall Street, leave Tesla (TSLA - Get Report) CEO Elon Musk alone for smoking cannabis on camera -- his big-thinking is changing the game, says Kiss front-man Gene Simmons.  

"I think it's cool, there is nobody out there like Elon Musk," Simmons, who has praised Musk before, said in an interview with TheStreet when asked about Musk's performance on Joe Rogan's podcast. "People on the street that don't understand these big personalities will see guys smoking dope with Joe Rogan, they don't get it -- bet on Elon Musk."

Tesla shares plunged late last week as Wall Street worried about Musk's mindset following Rogan's podcast. Shares have since recovered most of the losses.

"America could use a lot more Elon Musks," Simmons concluded.