Best Tailgating Vehicles for Football

The current selection vehicles features second-row refrigerators and Wi-Fi hotspots.
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NFL fans spend hundreds each year on football tailgating, but far more on SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans to haul their spread in before kickoff. NFL fans don't have much motivation to leave their den of satellite football packages, bottomless snacks, discounted beer and heat/air conditioning to attend a football game. Tailgating is the live football equalizer. Last season, National Football League fans paid an average of nearly $90 for tickets to the game and between $20 and $60, on average, for parking, according to Team Marketing Report. If you're shoving six friends into the family sedan and packing a camp stove into the trunk alongside a sad little cooler of burgers, dogs and beers, you're barely making your tailgate worth the price of admission.

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