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Best Cruise Ships to Sail Away On in 2020

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What do you usually plan for vacations?

Maybe you want to go on a camping trip, or on a road-trip, or fly to new places.

How about traveling on a cruise ship?

Does that sound good to you?

You might be thinking about which cruise ships you should opt for, right?

Well, to make your life easy, Cruise Critic, a cruise review site rolled out the top ten cruise ships for you. The list was created aggregating the reviews from its members. Its members looked at the various aspects of cruise ships such as services, entertainment, dining, etc.

Cruise ships from Royal Caribbean Cruises  (RCL)  and Carnival Corporation  (CCL)  made it to the list.

Watch the video above to find out which cruise ship came in first place.

To learn more about what got the top ten cruise ships on the list, make sure to check out this piece by Samanda Dorger.

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