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Bessie Coleman: Shattered Aviation Records, Inspired Young Girls to Dream Big

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TheStreet continues its month-long video series: Black History, Wall Street, and Beyond. Today, the inspirational story of Bessie Coleman.

In 1921, Coleman soared the sky and became the first female African-American, Native-American pilot. 

She inspired others with her notoriously dangerous performance at air shows in the United States. Later, she would earn her international pilot's license and be the first female African-American to do so.

Her nickname was 'Queen Bess' and Brave Bessie.  

TheStreet's video series highlighted many firsts from The Adidas Shoes That Changed Jesse Owens' Future ( (ADR) ) to Madam C.J. Walker: The First Self-Made Millionaire. This month TheStreet also told stories like The Hidden History of Wall Street's Slave Market. Learn more about Black History by watching the videos below.

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