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How a Cup of Coffee Brewed the Starbucks Empire

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Nowadays, it's hard to go down the street with out facing the beckoning call of the Starbucks (SBUX) siren. 

The coffee giant will report third-quarter fiscal 2019 results on Jul 25, after the closing bell.

In Starbucks' last earnings report, the company reported an earnings beat with 75 cents per share with a record $4.6 billion in North American sales. Global revenues rose 9.2% to $6.63 billion. 

Now that we've talked the ticker, what about the company? Sit back with that pumpkin spiced latte (unseasonal? we don't judge here) and take a trip back to when finding a Starbucks every block wasn't a given. As it turns out, building a coffee powerhouse is a tall order.

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