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Cramer's Fantasy Football Draft Got a Little Crazy - Watch

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Fly, Eagle, Fly. 

Jim Cramer hosted his fantasy football draft late Wednesday night. 

It was a must see sort of night!  

The draft was broadcast live via Cramer's new fantasy website, Bull Market Fantasy.

Bill Enright, a co-host of Bull Market Fantasy and fantasy expert, joined Cramer and his league to help break down what the league members should do when drafting. 

But, as should be expected, antics got underway as the draft started. 

There was a Cramer Confessional where league members could confess their fantasy woes.. and so much more! 

Curious to see more from Cramer's draft? Head over to Jim Cramer's new channel on Maven (MVEN) : Bull Market Fantasy to watch a breakdown of the night. 

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