Be Inspired by This Flight Attendant's Good Deed

Felicia McMillan helped a passenger with dementia through her flight, when the passenger believed he was riding on a bus.
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Felicia McMillan is a United (UAL) - Get Report  flight attendant who went out of her way to provide an abundance of care to an elderly man with dementia. He was flying alone from Newark to Santa Ana, Calif. 

United said in an employee publication, "an elderly man with dementia was sent to fly alone without any advance notice to us from his family about his needs. Within minutes after takeoff, the man began demanding to get off the plane, believing he was riding on a bus."

Because of McMillan, this trip turned out well.

Another passenger, a registered nurse, brought McMillan's conduct to the airline's attention in a letter to the airline.

"I have never been so moved to write a company about an unbelievable service I witnessed," the nurse wrote. "Felicia spent much of her time calmly and lovingly reorienting the passenger, walking him and attending to him with unparalleled compassion."

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.