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Based on Tchotchke Sales, Hillary Cllinton Will Win the Election

CafePress sees a surge in sales of Hillary Clinton items, meaning she just may win the November 8th election.

The election is less than two weeks away, but one reliable indicator is pointing to a win for Hillary Clinton. CafePress  (PRSS) , which sells election related stickers, lawn signs, and other items, has seen a surge in sales of Clinton items in the last few weeks. Maheesh Jain, the company's founder, says while Donald Trump was leading in merchandise sales for most of the campaign, after the last debate sales of Clinton related items surged. As of last week, CafePress has sold 73% more Clinton merchandise than Trump items. CafePress has been tracking its sales against election results since 2000, and has found that whichever candidate is ahead in merchandise sales before the election ends up winning. 

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