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Jim Cramer: Barrick Gold Is Gold Standard of Mask Wearing

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Jim Cramer is running a mask competition, and he's been pushing for everyone to wear masks since the pandemic started. 

But, for those who haven't been following along, Cramer has been discussing the reasoning behind his competition on various platforms--including in his members-only Action Alerts PLUS monthly call on Wednesday. 

Here's what Cramer had to say:

The mask initiative was something that Marc Benioff said, how do we get people to wear masks? Remember, this is one that's very-- you know, I said, well I don't know. They're so uncomfortable. I mean, I tried to work out in this thing. I almost died.

And what I said was, OK, listen, we got to get people motivated. We got to get the kids motivated. We get the kids buy-in. We give away $500,000 for the winter, $250,000 for the next, $250,000 next. What was I really trying to do? OK. Was I trying to do it as a publicity stunt, like so many people said on Twitter? What am I publicizing? That I gave money so that people could maybe win a contest? No.

It is about saving lives, but it's also about the economy. I'm trying to put the bridge up. This is the bridge I'm building. It's like the Verrazano-Narrows. I'm a real engineer. So, I mean, what I'm trying to do is make it so that I play a role in trying to help you make money in every single way we can, including the masks.

Watch the video above for why Cramer thinks that mask-wearing could actually help the economy.

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