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Behind the Label: Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Noble begins as a bookstore called Arthur Hinds & Company in New York City.

Harvard grad Gilbert Clifford Noble gets a job there as a clerk.


Noble is made a partner, and the name of the shop changes to Hinds & Noble.


Noble buys out Hinds and partners with William Barnes; the name of the store changes to Barnes & Noble soon after.


Barnes & Noble opens a new publishing division.


Barnes & Noble becomes the first bookstore chain to advertise on television.


Barnes & Noble purchases the primarily shopping mall-based B. Dalton chain for an estimated $275 million.


Starbucks announces it will team with Barnes & Noble to exclusively supply coffee for the national bookstore retailer.


Barnes & Noble launches its company website called,

1999 goes public.


After the bankruptcy and closure of chief competitor, Borders Group, Barnes & Noble becomes the last remaining national bookstore chain in the U.S.


Barnes & Noble puts up for-sale sign.


Barnes & Noble is sold to hedge fund Elliot Advisors for $683 million, a move that may potentially save the bookstore giant from total collapse.

Barnes & Noble (BKS)  , if it was a book it would be a suspense/thriller.

The nation's largest bookstore has had it's share of ups and downs.  June 7, 2019 the struggling bookstore giant entered a new chapter when private equity group Elliott Advisors UK agreed to buy it for $683 million.

You'll recall, it was put up a for-sale sign after struggling to keep up with brick-and-mortar retailers like Walmart (WMT - Get Report) and online giant Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) . Find out why Elliott might be perfectly suited to turn the chain around in TheStreet's read: Barnes & Noble Sold to Elliott Advisors for $683 Million, Shares Jump

Barnes and Noble History

Did you know there is actually a Mr. Barnes and a Mr. Noble?

The bookstore chain had plenty of "firsts".  There was a television first, a coffee first... so much more.

Watch the video to learn more about the history of Barnes and Noble in TheStreet's new video feature, Behind the Label.

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