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Facebook's Big Strategy Shift: What It Means for Its Business

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Facebook  (FB) - Get Free Report CEO Mark Zuckerberg penned a 3,000-word post this week laying out his vision for a very different kind of social network than the ones we're familiar with today.

Entitled "A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking," Zuckerberg's lengthy post argued that private messaging, non-permanent stories and small groups are the fastest-growing areas of online communication and would eventually become more popular than the open sharing of news and information that Facebook is most-used for today.

Therefore, he said that Facebook would shift its focus to enabling private, fully encrypted messaging, including by making users of its major platforms - Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram - able to communicate directly with each other.

Thus far, however, Facebook has only made minimal progress in monetizing its widely-used messaging platforms and still gets the majority of revenue from its main News Feed of shared items. So how will this change impact Facebook's overall business and stock going forward? And how smart in general is this dramatic move by Zuckerberg?

Tech columnist Eric Jhonsa and Action Alerts Plus analyst Zev Fima analyze Zuckerberg's comments on the latest episode of Technically Speaking. To listen to the full discussion, please see below. 

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