Asa Philip Randolph: Pioneer of the Black Labor Union

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TheStreet continues its month-long video series: Black History, Wall Street, and Beyond. Today, a look back at Asa Philip Randolph.

Randolph was born in Crescent, Florida.  His family eventually moved to an African-American community in Jacksonville, Florida. 

In 1925, Randolph led the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the first African-American labor union.  The founder went on to become president of BSCP and along with Milton Webster and C.L. Dellums became leaders in the Civil Rights Movement, focusing more on equal rights in the workplace. 

A. Philip Randolph Quote

Watch the video above to learn how his relentless efforts led President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt to ban discrimination in the defense industries during World War II.

TheStreet's Video Series: Black History, Wall Street and Beyond continues with more milestones in the video playlist below.

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