Are We Heading Into a Recession? Jim Cramer on Markets, Coronavirus Impact

Let's talk about the impact of the coronavirus on the markets and the possibility of a recession.
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Jim Cramer weighs in on whether or not we face a recession in the coming months. 

But, as a reminder, I want to reiterate, a recession by definition means that there’s been two consecutive quarters of economic decline, which is reflected in GDP and other economic indicators.

So, How's the Market Looking?

U.S. equity futures bumped higher Tuesday, following the biggest Wall Street rout in more than three decades. as investors continue to grapple with record high volatility, an unpredictable coronavirus infection rate and the likelihood the the global pandemic gives way to a U.S. recession. 

Jim Cramer's Thoughts on the Market

Jim Cramer broke down his thoughts on the markets in his Real Money column on Tuesday.

"Totems. That's what I call things, tangible things that can help explain levels and give you guideposts about what can happened next," wrote Cramer. "For weeks now, I have been saying that this market has to take out the December 2018 levels that we got to when Fed Chief Powell was gung ho about raising multiple times in 2019 just when the economy was cooling from his previous hikes. Now we are there."

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