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Arcturus CEO on Vaccine Candidate, Moderna's Vaccine

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We've been hearing a lot about the Moderna vaccine, especially now as Dr. Anthony Fauci made some positive remarks about the vaccine as it undergoes trials. 

Arcturus Therapeutics is developing a COVID-19 vaccine under the guidance of the Singapore Health Services Authority.

CEO Joe Payne joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk about the Arcturus vaccine candidate. He also spoke about the Moderna vaccine candidate and how the two differ.

Read a full transcript of the video below:

Katherine Ross: In the race for a vaccine, who will win? Joining me today is Arcturus Therapeutics CEO Joe Payne to discuss his company's COVID-19 vaccine. Can you give me a little bit more clarity on, you know, how this vaccine is different than what we've seen in the news, like for Moderna's vaccine, for example?

Joe Payne: Yeah. Moderna is also a messenger RNA vaccine. And encouraging data that they shared with some human proof of concept recently, we're happy to see that. It also points to some of the areas of differentiation that Arcturus, the Arcturus vaccine, uh, brings forward. We're a self-replicating messenger RNA vaccine, so our mRNA molecule continues to print off the full-length spike protein for two to three weeks, rather than two to three days like you would see with a conventional messenger RNA vaccine, and so what this means is that our approach could potentially be a single-shot vaccine, which has its advantages, of course. Because the vaccine continues to print the desired antigen, for an extended period of time, it negates the need to come back in for a second shot.

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