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Arcturus CEO on How Messenger RNA Vaccines Work

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If you've been following all of the stories around the coronavirus vaccines, then you've been seeing a lot of the word 'mRNA.' 

Joe Payne, CEO of Arcturus Therapeutics—which is creating its own coronavirus vaccine—joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk about how an mRNA vaccine works.

Read the full video transcript below:

Katherine Ross: In the race for a vaccine, who will win? Joining me today is Arcturus Therapeutics CEO Joe Payne to discuss his company's COVID-19 vaccine. Joe, I understand that your vaccine would get the human body to produce part of the virus in order to help fight it. Can you explain that further?

Joe Payne: Yeah, sure. The Arcturus, uh, first of all, it's good to be with you, Katherine. Thanks, uh, for the time. Uh, but, uh, the Arcturus vaccine is a messenger RNA vaccine. It's a special sub-type of messenger RNA vaccines called self-replicating mRNA. So our, when our molecule, our messenger RNA molecule, gets inside the body, it produces, once it gets inside of a cell, it naturally produces the full-length spike protein. And this is what you want to do when you're invoking the desired immune response and to protect the individual from infection. So that's the mechanism of how we do it.

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