Arcturus CEO on Possibility of COVID-19 Vaccine By End of 2020

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Could we get a vaccine for the coronavirus by the end of 2020?

That's what many experts--including Dr. Anthony Fauci--believe.

Arcturus Therapeutics is working to develop a vaccine candidate that could be in human trials by this summer. 

So, when Joe Payne, CEO, joined TheStreet's Katherine Ross, there was an obvious question to ask: Can we get a vaccine by December?

Watch the video above to see what he had to say.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
In the race for a vaccine, who will win? Joining me today is Arcturus Therapeutics CEO, Joe Payne, to discuss his company's Covid-19 vaccine. I believe that you're going to start human trials of this vaccine this summer. So when could we see this vaccine hit the market if it works?

Joe Payne:
Uh, we, we are initiating our uh, phase one clinical trial this summer, as you mentioned, in 76 healthy volunteers, including the elderly. Uh, the primary purpose of this initial trial is to lock in the dose. Uh, we, and, and to confirm that we do indeed have a single shot uh, vaccine.

Joe Payne:
So once we understand the dose, and confirm that this is uh, a, you know, a single injection, or a single administration vaccine, then we'll proceed to, uh, as soon as possible to uh, embark on a larger trial with uh, a larger amount of people at the same dose, and, and, and, and evaluate the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in that larger trial.

Katherine Ross:
So could Dr. Fauci, and others in the White House, and across the US be correct in saying that we could get a vaccine as soon as the end of this year? I know that you know, vaccines normally take years long.

Joe Payne:
Yeah, correct. The process to go through the, development process, and ultimately the approval of a vaccine can take a considerable amount of time. Uh, we're hoping under these unique conditions that regulatory agencies will uh, be able to expedite the process and get approval as fast as possible. Uh, whether or not we, uh, we can get a, a vaccine approved this year, uh depends solely upon, the decision and authority of regulatory agencies.

Joe Payne:
We're, we're first, Arcturus, the Arcturus vaccine is being evaluated under the guidance of an HSA in Singapore, uh the Health Sciences Authority there. Uh, we're fortunate to be working with them uh, because they, this is not their first epidemic, or, or pandemic in this case. They worked with MERS, and SARS, and now Covid-19. So they know which corners to cut, and which corners not to cut. And, um, and, and we will be looking to them to ultimately approve uh, the timing of, of when we can distribute this vaccine to, to, to the, to larger populations.

Joe Payne:
Um, and our job is just to simply put forward the best vaccine possible, and uh, and evaluate its efficacy and safety in, in human beings, and then but ultimately the decision will be with regulatory agencies, like the HSA and, and other regulatory agencies uh, here and abroad.

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