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What Election Outcome Means for Apple Stock

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As Wall Street anxiously awaits the results of the hotly contested 2020 presidential race, is Apple AAPL stock the right pick for your portfolio? 

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Along with much of the tech sector, trade with China, antitrust regulation and those issues will be approached under a Trump presidency or a Biden presidency remain headwinds for Apple going forward, TheStreet's Apple Maven Daniel Martins said. 

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While President Donald Trump's hawkish strategy toward trade relations with China is known, Martins recently wrote that former vice president Joe Biden's proposed approach is less defined. "While it is hard to know for sure whether Biden would approach the China issue with fresh eyes, I believe that Apple would benefit from a less antagonistic strategy to deal with the second largest economy in the world. The odds of this happening would probably be greater under a Biden administration," Martins said. 

When it comes to regulation, Big Tech including Apple has remained in Capitol Hill's headlights as some of the practices of many tech giants have come into question. 

While antitrust regulation hasn't often made Trump's 'to-do' list, Martins said it's hard to tell if Trump would stand in the way if a bipartisan effort put Apple in its crosshairs. Much of how a Biden administration would approach the issue also remains unknown, Martins wrote.

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