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Ancora's Chadwick On Working with Activist Pioneer Whitworth

Jim Chadwick talked about Ancora's activist strategy on the Activist Investing Today podcast.

The Activist Investing Today podcast talked to Jim Chadwick, about Ancora's activist strategy and his recent insurgencies at Hill International and Fleet Management International.

In a wide-ranging interview, Chadwick explains how working with Relational Investors Ralph Whitworth and David Batchelder, prior to joining Ancora, was "the most important factor" in his career of activism.

Chadwick provides a bit of the backstory behind how Whitworth and Batchelder became pioneers in the activism strategy.

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"Today it has become so common, really ubiquitous throughout global markets. Back at the time 1999, when there were the Carl Icahn's of the world, but Relational may have been structured as the first pure-play activism fund," Chadwick said. "I was always fascinated with the way Ralph had conducted himself in the boardroom."

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