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AMD CEO Lisa Su Talks New Chips, Confirms She's Staying: 'I Have A Lot to Do'

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Lisa Su says she has no plans to leave AMD (AMD)  and that there's much that she still wants to accomplish as the CPU and GPU developer's CEO.

During a wide-ranging conversation with TheStreet that took place a day after AMD held a very well-received launch event for its second-generation Epyc server CPUs, Su forecast the CPUs, code named Rome, will see strong early adoption within cloud servers and high-performance computing (HPC) systems. She also discussed AMD's landing of Google (GOOGL) as a Rome client, partnerships with Xilinx (XLNX) and memory makers, expanding investments in software and her thoughts on using acquisitions to strengthen AMD's competitive position.

And following her denial of a recent report stating that she's thinking about leaving AMD for IBM, Su indicated she'll be at AMD for a while to come.

"I can say for sure, I'm staying at AMD," Su said when asked about her future plans. "Although I've been CEO for five years, we're just at the cusp of some incredibly competitive products. And I'd like to see us become one of the premier growth franchises in tech...So yeah, I have a lot to do."  

Notable Quotes from the CEO

On Cloud Giants:

what you heard from Google is, you know, they have us in their production environments for internal workloads, as well as plans for Google, you know, cloud platform, later on in the year. You know, we're also very excited about the announcement with Twitter. You know, again, that's a, you know, let's call it an internal platform as it relates to, you know, cloud environments. And, I think we have both.

Achieving Duble Digit Share:

I think we are, you know, we feel well positioned to, you know, achieve those, those targets that we previously talked about that would put, you know, sort of the double digit mark somewhere between sort of end of this year, middle of next year, and a lot of work has to happen, for that, but we feel good about that.

Trade Tensions with China:

certainly we're all very cognizant of what's going on between the US and China and some of the tensions. You know, there are several of our customers that are on the entities list and, you know, we are not shipping to those customers.

Cloud Gaming:

in server it's not so much whether it's integrated on the same chip that's important. What's really important is the connectivity between CPUs and GPUs. And so, we're very focused on our infinity architecture and how do we ensure that that connectivity is as efficient as it can possibly be.

 AMD's Partnership with Xilinx:

We're, we're very well aligned, in terms of, you know, early applications, you know, certainly there are some cloud environments that are looking at, you know, CPU plus FPGA environments. And so we have, some joint engagements in that area.

Future Plans with AMD:

Well, I can say for sure I'm staying at AMD. So, look, I, you know, one of the things that, that is really important to me is, look, we are still in the early innings of the AMD story... So, yeah, I have a lot to do.

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