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AMC's 'APE' Dividend: What to Watch

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Here's what investors are watching on Friday, Aug. 5: Amazon, Twilio and AMC. 

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Amazon is making yet another acquisition. 

This time, the company is snapping up iRobot, the company behind the Roomba robot vacuums. The all-cash deal is worth roughly $1.7 billion, with Amazon paying $61 a share. 

The announcement comes just weeks after the company announced its plans to buy OneMedical. 

Diamond-handed Apes are getting another reward from AMC for believing in the company. 

The movie theater chain declared a special dividend preferred unit for each Class A common stock which will trade under APE and the units will be listed on the NYSE.

 Following the announcement and earnings, the stock took a hit but it's still up nearly 25% in the past three months. 

Twilio joins the long list of companies this earnings season that managed to beat current quarter expectations for its earnings while disappointing on guidance.

 Analysts at JMP maintained their overweight rating while lowering the price target to $175 from $250.

 They wrote that Twilio's stock had disappointed so far this year.

 Stifel analysts took it a step further, downgrading the stock to hold and slapping a $90 price target on it, citing a belief that the expansion pace would be more moderated than they had previously believed.

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